Voila! Say the Violas: A Purple Toned Concert on June 7

The NZSM Viola Ensemble, also known as Viola Viva: The Next Generation, will be holding their first concert at the Adam Concert Room, June 7th, 2011 at 7:30pm. Titled Violaissimo! (e poco clarinetto), it will feature arrangements of classical works including that of Corelli, Elgar, and Telemann, as well as popular selections like Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze and Carlos Gardel’…s Por Una Cabeza tango. In collaboration with Viola Viva is the NZSM Clarinet Ensemble. Admission is free.

Viola Viva: The Next Generation is a unique student-run, staff-supported viola ensemble project at the New Zealand School of Music. Though only months old, the ensemble’s activities have gained an unreal momentum, including presentations to thousands at the recent VUW graduation ceremonies at the Michael Fowler Centre, and will be featured at the start of the upcoming Three-Minute Thesis Competition at the Hunter Council Chamber. Members range from first-year undergraduates to doctoral candidates, and violinists having the viola as a second instrument, and includes collaboration with graduate students in composition.

There is something special about the “purple-toned” musical instrument that lends itself particularly effectively to ensemble playing, not to mention a certain social bond that exists between players of an instrument that is considered an ‘endangered species’. And on the evening of June 7th, they will share this with you.

April 12: Debut as part of the Expressions Live! concert, Upper Hutt.

May 17-18: Featured presentations at the graduation ceremonies of Victoria University of Wellington, Michael Fowler Centre.

June 7 (noon): Featured presentation at the 3-Minute Thesis Competition of Victoria University of Wellington, Hunter Council Chamber.

June 7 (evening): Violaissimo! (e poco clarinetto) Full-length concert of the ensemble, with the collaboration of the clarinettists of the New Zealand School of Music. The concert will première Tristan Carter’s composition for this viola ensemble. Adam Concert Room, free admission.

October 26: Baching Mad, St. Andrew’s-on-the-Terrace, including Nodaira’s transcription/transformation of the Chaconne from Bach’s Violin Partita No. 2.


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