Viola Viva: The Next Generation would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following people in the continuing progress of the ensemble:

The New Zealand School of Music, for support of a voluntary, non-academic ensemble in so many ways.

The Absolute Zero Viola Quartet in their supportive correspondence and gift of  arrangements.

Yuriy Leonovich for the gift of a specially transcribed viola quartet, from his arrangement of the Prelude from Bach’s Cello Suite No. 5 for cello quartet.

Prof. Donald Maurice for volunteering coaching, and access to his music resources, and NZSQ violist Gillian Ansell for her continuing support of the ensemble.

Vyvyan Yendoll for volunteering coaching.

Stephen Gibbs, Michelle Lewis, and Dr Martin Riseley for their support of the ensemble, particularly with its debut at the Expressions Live! concert in Upper Hutt, Wellington.

Marcus Norman, for support in organizing the clarinettists of the NZSM, for the June 7 performance.

Ben Booker and Rory Sweeney for support in providing external feedback prior to performances, and for involvement in Viola Viva’s second concert of 2011.

Poland, for inventing vodka in the 14th Century.


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